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Hands & Feet

PerfectSense Hand & Foot Treatment - $20.00

A warm lavender paraffin treatment.

Gelish Manicure $35.00

The gels come in an array of colors,

applied like polish and are cured in a lamp.

Add a Gelish to any of our spa nail treatments,

so you can have a three week manicure or pedicure.  


Sport Nail Treatment    Polish free hand treatment great for men and women.
                                       Mani $15.00                        Pedi $37.00

Mini Nail Treatment    Cuticle grooming, shaping, polishing
                                      Mani $12.00           Pedi $15.00          
French Add On  $6.00

Spa Nail Treatments   Essential nail treatment that includes cuticle grooming, nail shaping, buffing, basic massage and polish.                        
                               Mani $20.00                               Pedi $40.00         
French Mani $26.00                   French Pedi $46.00

Hot Stone Nail Treatment  Perfect nail treatment with hot stone massage.
                                           Mani $40.00                     Pedi $60.00

Glamicure  The “creme de la creme” of manicures. A warm, soothing, and smoothing waterless hand treatment using our exclusive Deborah Lippmann Collection.
                                          Mani $35

ME! Bath Ice Cream Nail Treatment A scoop of Me! Bath Ice Cream®: creates a foaming foot soak ME! Bath Shower Sherbet: exfoliates legs and feet then a pumice stone known as an Ice Cream Sandwich is used to remove calluses.  A marshmallow, caramel, or chocolate foot mask is applied.  Top it off with a whipped cream lotion and an application of cherry red polish is suggested.

. . . .  a decadent treat for you feet

                                             Mani $50.00                   Pedi $65.00


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